Paradise and hunger just don't go together


A culture of healthy perfectionism

Whether you want to share a romantic dinner, feed a hungry family after a long day of fun or simply enjoy the taste of our seasonal creations, The Magical Restaurant offers it all. Prepare yourself for both fresh and bold flavors as we turn humble, organic and locally sourced ingredients into outstanding dishes. Over the years, we cultivated the perfect balance of presentation and taste, providing you with the ultimate feast for both your appetite and your eyes. Just have a look at our menu below to see what we can spoil your taste buds with.

Explore Our Legendary Restaurant

Breakfast Bagel Sandwich - €5

Toasted bagel with scrambled eggs, cheddar, tomato, bacon or ham, served with a petite salad.

Berry Buttermilk Pancakes - €10

Buttermilk pancake, maple syrup, berry compote

Power Chia Bowl - €13

Organic oats, Chia seeds, vegan energy powder, almond milk, fruit in season

The Little Sea Unicorn - €8

Wos vodka, lime and elderflower cordial, spirulina, coconut water, lemon mint and cucumber

Heads in the Cloud - €11

White whisky, aperitif wine, pineapple honey, lemon and ginger

The Princess and the Pea (non-alcoholic) - €8

Ginish, sugar snap peas, mint, lime, soda with a splash of edible glitter

Langoustine Ravioli - €37

Langoustine Ravioli, Hokkaido pumpkin, harissa and creamy langoustine sauce

Lentil Lasagna - €28

Lasagna with red and green lentils, zucchini, mushrooms, carrots, tomato sauce and a bechamel sauce and cheese on top.

Green Fish - €32

Tuna, Salmon and hiramasa tataki topped with green leaves, lotus chips and parmesan cheese.