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How does Umbraco work?

If you're new to Umbraco why not let an Umbraco HQ specialist show you around - sign up for the free webinar.

A free intro to the Umbraco CMS

Stepping into the unknown can be quite intimidating and overwhelming. Even if we’re talking about a CMS.

Where to start? Where to go next? Is Umbraco even the right choice for you? 🤔

This on-demand CMS webinar will give you a thorough glimpse into what the Umbraco CMS can do for you and help you in making the right CMS choice:

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Who should sign up?

Frontenders ✔️

Backenders ✔️

Project Managers ✔️

Maybe you're an agency looking for a .NET (ASP.NET Core) CMS? Maybe someone who wants to expand your skill-set to include an open-source Microsoft  ASP.NET Core CMS? 

You've come to the right place. That is if you're completely new to Umbraco and want to see and discover what Umbraco is able to do for you. In this live webinar, you'll be shown demos of the most essential and beneficial Umbraco functions. Sign up for the webinar now 

What topics does the webinar cover?

  • What is Umbraco?

  • Getting up and Running with Umbraco

  • Introducing the Umbraco back office (Incl. demo)

  • Building a feature in Umbraco (Incl. demo)

  • Integrations with Umbraco (Incl. demo)

How long does the webinar take?

On-demand: 40 minutes and 26 seconds to be exact. And then you can pause, re-watch, rewind as much as you want. 

Live: around 45 minutes including the option to ask any questions to our Umbraco CMS specialist. 

We have carefully considered every minute of this webinar to ensure you get a valuable glimpse into Umbraco. 

A glimpse that'll give you a real insight and feel of what Umbraco is able to do for you - and, more importantly, what you are able to do with Umbraco.

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But there's more...

Because we won't leave you hanging. 

Following the webinar, you'll receive an email containing valuable tips and information on what to do next;

How do you learn Umbraco? Where can you watch tutorials? Where do you get support? 

We've got you covered. All are gathered in the email sent directly to you so you don't have to spend time searching for it on your own. 

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Find a time and a date that suits you, and join a live webinar hosted by one of our Umbraco specialists where you're able to ask all the questions you want. The webinar is hosted in both North American and European friendly times: 

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