Your home away from home

The Unicorn Hotel Accommodation

Since opening its doors in 1873, The Unicorn Hotel and Spa has been awarded numerous awards service awards. We want to assure you that whatever your needs are, we have a room just for you. Welcome to your new home.

The Effective Executive

100/night $
  • Where work doesn’t have to feel like work
  • Table, sofa and single bed included
  • Facing the ocean
  • 24/7 room service
If you bring someone, we won´t tell

Family Wonderland

200/night $
  • Separate rooms for parents and children
  • Private pool on one side
  • Beach entrance on the other
  • Surrounding area surveillance 24/7
Like Disneyland, but with unicorns instead of mice

The Unicorn King

300/Night $
  • Your own slice of heaven
  • Private pool and dining area
  • All-inclusive spa treatment
  • Private Chef
Some real kings will probably get jelaous