The method behind the magic

About us

Nearly two hundred years of magical service

It was on one fateful August night - now over 185 years ago - when our founder Tobias Hest Enhjørning III. took his evening stroll along the sandy beaches of the very spot where our hotel stands today. 

It was here that a vision of a mythical creature galloping along the edge of the sea filled him with awe and inspired him to bring people together from all over the world.

After 16 years of planning and building, the Unicorn Hotel and Spa was born. 

Since then we have provided over 600,000 people with the best vacation of their lives with a combination of precise timing, world-class service, and constant innovation.

But our journey is first and foremost... about your experiences:

When I told my now-husband that I wouldn’t settle for less than perfection on our honeymoon, I didn’t think that he could actually follow through with it. Spending a week here started our marriage out just right - thank you!

- Sarah Hansen


If there’s going to be unicorns, we have to go! That’s how the kids convinced me that we would come here for our next vacation. I thought they would be disappointed at the lack of actual unicorns, but this place really does have some magic to it. They loved it - and I loved having a holiday that didn’t involve running around after them!

- The Johnson Family

Staff are unlike any other, wish it wasn’t so far out or I would be here every other month!

- William Peterson

“I’ll come back time and time again even just for the restaurant - the Gnocchi alla Unicorn is to DIE for!

- Jacques Vitore

I love that the hotel organises activities for the kids that last long enough for me to fully enjoy the spa facilities. It’s so nice not having to worry about them and enjoy the holiday for myself

- Amanda Smith


Truly out of this world! The rooms are a dream, and I can’t get that view out of my head. It’s so hard going back to normal life now…

- Vivien Hest