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On the southeastern coast of the pristine Island of Unicorns, our five-diamond resort welcomes you to a vacation that will make your dreams a reality.

Over the last 183 years, The Unicorn Hotel and Spa has served one singular purpose: to provide you with the experience of a lifetime. Dive into a world of absolute luxury and beauty in every step of your journey, whether it be in our Michelin-starred restaurant, by enjoying our healing spa or by exploring the beautiful Unicorn Hotel resort.

Whatever you desire, we’re ready to welcome you to the place where nothing is impossible.

Award-winning service

From the moment we pick up the phone, to the day you safely arrive back home, our staff becomes your second family. You have access to chefs, maids, and guides 24/7, and their only objective is to help you design the experience of a lifetime.


Michelin star restaurant

Whether you’re looking for a culinary experience or low-key evenings with dinners and drinks, our Michelin star restaurant with a beachside bar is at your disposal from the moment you arrive. We accommodate every dietary need with the utmost speed and discretion. And we guarantee, while you will never be hungry, you will always want more.

Rejuvenating spa

If you seek to experience absolute relaxation, look no further. Tempt your senses right from the start with the various treatments that The Unicorn Spa offers. With the guidance of our staff, we’ll make sure you get the pampering you deserve. Relax, let go and let your body rejuvenate.


Explore Our Legendary Restaurant

Breakfast Bagel Sandwich - €5

Toasted bagel with scrambled eggs, cheddar, tomato, bacon or ham, served with a petite salad.

Berry Buttermilk Pancakes - €10

Buttermilk pancake, maple syrup, berry compote

Power Chia Bowl - €13

Organic oats, Chia seeds, vegan energy powder, almond milk, fruit in season

The Little Sea Unicorn - €8

Wos vodka, lime and elderflower cordial, spirulina, coconut water, lemon mint and cucumber

Heads in the Cloud - €11

White whisky, aperitif wine, pineapple honey, lemon and ginger

The Princess and the Pea (non-alcoholic) - €8

Ginish, sugar snap peas, mint, lime, soda with a splash of edible glitter

Langoustine Ravioli - €37

Langoustine Ravioli, Hokkaido pumpkin, harissa and creamy langoustine sauce

Lentil Lasagna - €28

Lasagna with red and green lentils, zucchini, mushrooms, carrots, tomato sauce and a bechamel sauce and cheese on top.

Green Fish - €32

Tuna, Salmon and hiramasa tataki topped with green leaves, lotus chips and parmesan cheese.

It’s time for your dream vacation